The Northern Pacific Railroad and Yellowstone National Park Sample Chapters

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Some early visitors to Yellowstone: John Colter, Baptiste Ducharme, Daniel T. Potts, Joseph Meek, Johnson Gardner, Osborne Russell, Warren Angus Ferris, Father Pierre- Jean De Smet, John C. Davis. The Folsom Expedition takes off. The Washburn Expedition follows. Truman Everts is lost. Calfee and Josey look around.

Chapter 3 - Some come to stay: Matthew McGuirk, James C. McCartney, Henry R. Horr, George Marshall. Langford writes for Scribner’s. Hayden’s Expeditions are notable. Yellowstone National Park is offi cial. Langford is Superintendent. William Darrah Kelley’s suggestion is made. The Northern Pacifi c builds to Bismarck. The Panic of 1873 shocks all. Jay Cooke is broke.

Chapter 4 - The Earl of Dunraven visits. Custer dies at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Nez Percé warriors meet the Cowan party. Philetus Norris is in charge. The tenures of three Superintendents are short. The Northern Pacifi c brings visitors to the Park. Frank Jay Haynes takes photographs. The Northern Pacifi c lays tracks in 1879. Livingston is founded. Uncle Rufus builds the National Hotel.

Chapter 5 - The Northern Pacifi c is joined at Gold Creek. The Bozeman Tunnel is built. The Park Branch line runs to Cinnabar. Frederick F. Fridley says no. The Bottler brothers have a problem. Yankee Jim defends his toll road. Buckskin Jim Cutler causes a delay. President Arthur sees the Park. European newsmen and aristocrats are here. Winter comes to the Park.

Chapter 9 - President and Mrs. Calvin Coolidge visit. A woman loses her dress. Albright is head of the National Park Service. An elegant train runs to the coast. The CCC is here. President Franklin and Mrs. Roosevelt visit. The Northern Pacifi c is absorbed. Trains to the Park stop service.